Star Trek Deep Space Nine Cosplay The Niners Baseball Outfit Pants Full Set New

Size: S
Color: white/red
In stock


Material: polyester + cotton

Size chart:

Jacket Size Chart
Size Length Chest Waist Sleeve
S 67cm/26.68" 101cm/39.76" 99cm/38.98" 21cm/8.27"
M 68.5cm/26.97" 106cm/41.73" 104cm/5.51" 22cm/8.66"
L 70cm/27.56" 111cm/43.70" 109cm/42.91" 23cm/9.06"
XL 71.5cm/28.15" 116cm/45.67" 114cm/44.88" 24cm/9.45"
2XL 73cm/28.74" 121cm/47.64" 119cm/46.85" 25cm/9.84"
Pants Size Chart
Size Waist Hips Length Bottom Line
S 79cm/31.10" 98cm/38.58" 74.5cm/29.33cm 41cm/16.14"
M 84cm/33.07" 103cm/40.55" 76cm/29.92" 43cm/16.93"
L 89cm/35.04" 108cm/42.52" 77.5cm/30.51" 45cm/17.72"
XL 94cm/37.01" 113cm/44.48" 79cm/31.10" 47cm/18.50"
2XL 99cm/38.98" 118cm/46.46" 80.5cm/31.69" 49cm/19.29"
Shirt Size Chart
Length Chest Sleeve Sleeve Width
S 66cm/25.98" 97cm/38.19" 59cm/23.22" 22cm/8.66"
M 67.5cm/26.57" 101cm/39.76" 60cm/23.62" 23cm/9.06"
L 69cm/27.16" 105cm/41.33" 61cm/24.02" 24cm/9.45"
XL 70.5cm/27.75" 109cm/42.91" 62cm/24.41" 25cm/9.84"
2XL 72cm/28.35" 113cm/44.49" 63cm/24.80" 26cm/10.24"

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